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Training Templates

The data algorithm for training templates uses the features of objects to position the coordination.

The one-button training makes the users to switch templates during product shifting.

AOMI Vision measuring tool is including each kind of geometric measurement,which allows you to operate the measurement quickly. What you need to do is just to choose the measuring tool from the tool box, move the mouse and click the items you choose, then the results will be shown instantly. The geometric measurement is applicable to every components.


Including various kinds of detection and measuring

tools:Dot, linear, square, round, arc and block analysis

One round measurement / The distance

between the arc and the line

One round measurement / The distance

between the arc and the dot

Two rounds measurement / The distance

Between the two arcs

Measuring the diameter or the radius of a round

Measuring the distance between two dots

Measuring the radius of an arc


Measuring the angle between two lines

Measuring the distance between two lines

Measuring the distance between a line

and a dot

Measuring the maximum or minimum

Measuring the area

Measuring the perimeter

Measuring the center of gravity

Defect Detection

Providing two detection modes

Non-image quick inquiry

Template comparison search engine

Color Comparison

One-button training template, which compare the percentage of color difference quickly.

Providing several kinds of color space comparison such as RGB, HSI, HSV and so on.

Control Interface

Integrating electric control interface, which allows the uses to operate the motor position and adjust the lights through the screen.


The correction function can process the image distortion and display the accurate image.


Mandarin and English display are built in, which allows the users, regardless of being in Asia or other areas, to switch the language with one button.


Performing the measuring report output, and also integrating the productivity and making daily, weekly and monthly reports.


Providing permission settings, which can be divided into supervisors, engineers and operators.

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