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DPS All Series

Air Pressured Stamper

資產 1_3x.png


Easy Maintenance

Easy to assemble and adjust.  Only need to adjust air pressure.

Simple structure

It can reduce the use of electricity and production costs, which is a high cost-performance ratio machine.

Various adjustable functions

Adjust the height, speed, flow, pressure and stamping time according to different products and modules.

Low Noise Operating Circumstances (<75dBA)

No noise from the standby of oil or electronic system.

With air pressure as the power, the machine is effective and easy to operate.  Labor can be reduced and it’s suitable for both manual operation and automated flow.


Pressure Sensor and Heating Mould


Safety Swith or Padel Switch to protect the devic

Full-automatic, half-automatic or manual operation can be chosen



Example of use

資產 1_2x.png

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