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Company profile

DOOIT TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. has been focusing on automated optical inspection equipments and AI systems.


We develop all kinds of automated equipments and make customized ones according to the clients’ needs as well.  Besides, we have successfully solved dozens of hard product cases including optical sorting machine, labeling machine, electron microscope, stamper, laser engraving machine, laser cutting-off machine and other full/semi-automatic machines.


With the increasing need of automatic production worldwide, the clients’ productions are widely used such as plastic, spring, rubber, stamping clips, thermofuse, spray pipe, Internet cable joint, mobile phone connector, powder metallurgy, washer, nut, forging, thread, screw, scooter components, connector, rivet, car components, spot welding, gear, switch contact and more.


DOOIT TECHNOLOGY provides our clients the best services, techniques and professionalism.  We provide customized machines and software as well.

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