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Automated Optical Precision Glass Plate Sorting Machine

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  • Adopt stable round glass inspection platform and provide full-scale, non-touched automated optical inspection

  • Adopt continuous spinning method inspection, and the maximum speed can be up to 1,000 components per minute

  • (The speed may vary according to the feeding speed of the vibration disk or the size and the shape of the components.)

  • Simple to control and maintain

  • 360 degrees full-scale inspection

Applicable Products

Inspection Items for Screws

Additional Features

  • Fasteners

  • Phones Mobile

  • Computers Notebook

  • Electronic Screws

  • Zinc Black Plating

  • Nickel Screws and Semiconductor Components

  • Shape and Block of Slots

  • Crook and Defects of Thread Rolling

  • Major/minor Diameter and Pitch of Screws

  • Width, Thickness and Circularity of Screw Head

  • Length of Under Screw Neck, Cusp point of Neck Tail and Bending of Screw

  • Position of the First Thread, Surface Scratches and Inspection of Plating

  • Intelligent Statistics of Inspection Data

  • Analysis of Defective Products

  • Report Output and Remote Correction Management Support

EN自動光學精密玻璃盤篩選機資產 3.png
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Please contact us if you would like to know about our products, or have any technical questions.

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