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Scope of application

Application areas of industrial automation products: semiconductors, electronic components, packaging, home appliances, automobiles, machine tools, automation equipment.

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Machine repeatability  99.9%

AOI industrial machine has 99.9% reproducibility, high accuracy,
fast speed, and effective output of production capacity which can save labor costs.

Detected Items



  • Finding defects on objects

  • Length and width measurement

  • Quantity of objects analysis

  • Similarity of workpiece evaluation

  • Circularity analysis

  • Angle of inclination measurement

  • Angle of arc measurement

  • Aspect ratio calculation

  • Boundary determination

  • Determine results within millisecond

  • Lower misjudgment ratio

  • Avoid repeated check by operators

  • Reduce loss of availability

  • Detection image can be saved

  • Classify the defects automatically

  • High pixel image sensors

  • Industry lighting systems

  • High accuracy 3-axis pedestals

  • Universal joints

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