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Optical Microscope

DMZ-3D資產 18.png


Observe/Shoot/Video Recording/Measure all in One

Diversified support

  • Support TF Card Storage

  • Support Software Measurement

  • Support remote control, clearer and more stable picture quality

Clear imaging

  • Clearer Three-dimensional Vision

  • Standard HDMI Interface which can be connected to PC or television monitors

  • 3D Device, 360 Degrees Observation, Three-dimensional Sense

Professional operability

  • Suitable for online inspection of biology, medical, scientific research, and modern electronic industry

  • Meet the structural design of ergonomics, the machine is simple to use and can be used for long time

  • High quality optical system with optical components plated on special film make the premium optical system


Example of use

資產 1_2x.png

Please contact us if you would like to know about our products, or have any technical questions.

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